The ports

Port of Ghent – Belgium

Port of Santos – Brasil

Port of Istanbul – Turkey

Port of Sint Petersburg - Russia

Our fleet

STROYKA has a strong fleet of reefer and feeder ships which we use to guarantee all transport on our scheduled lines. We also have an extensive technical assistance department, ensuring additional guarantees in terms of refrigeration and electro-mechanics so that we can keep all our cargo in the best possible condition.

Our way of operating

Together with our partners we provide a quick and safe cargo delivery system (using 150 reefer containers) in a two weeks’ supply line between the ports of Ghent and Santos in Brazil. Using an extensive network of storage options, distribution and transport with sea freight, trucking and railway, we are capable of delivering all goods to our regular destinations in Scandinavia, Russia and Turkey.

In each port we have our own OPS Group personnel who will ensure a safe and correct storage and delivery of goods.

Trans-shipment options

STROYKA has very good contacts in the port of Ghent and it is thanks to those that they hold all the trump cards in order to smoothly and efficiently organise transport of goods over land and sea. We can, for example, organise all customs documents at one location and we also have all the necessary capacity to transfer all VAT transactions efficiently.

Although the port of Ghent is not a free zone, STROYKA can still make it possible to benefit from all the advantages of a free port by using the system of ‘bonded warehouses’. It gives us the option to store goods in transit and that way we can guarantee a smoother and quicker flow of goods.

Contact Us

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