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Stroyka trades in the following commodities:

Our commodities

Trans-shipment options

Stroyka makes it possible to benefit from all the advantages of a free port by using the system of ‘bonded warehouses’.

What are bonded warehouses?

They give us the option to store goods in transit and that way we can guarantee a smoother and quicker flow of goods. At every node Stroyka has implemented its full set of administrative processes to speed up the operations. This includes Customs declaration and VAT regulations.


Network and Logistics

Over the years, Stroyka has built up a strong logistical network to support the trading operations. The network consists of various hubs, (bonded) warehouses and transport. In order to care for the cargo, Stroyka has its own fleet of Reefer containers to guarantee good quality during transport and operation.

At every node in the network Stroyka is in full control of not only the logistical chain, but also in safety and security. Stroyka has a vast experience in security operations and safety management. Originated from the Ghent operation, this expertise is rolled out through its network.

Stroyka makes use of third party logistic suppliers, who are carefully selected and adhere to Stroyka’s philosophy.